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We understand that your revenue cycle is complex and has many moving components that are facilitated by the functions of numerous individuals. Although these processes primarily run smoothly, the pieces are often overlapping and chaotic at times, like the image to the right. Our desire, is to provide your facility with valuable services at every point of your revenue cycle that will allow you and your team to accomplish more while recovering more revenue. We seek to be your go-to resource for converting your at-risk dollars at every point.

RCA performs every aspect of account processing for Third-Party Eligibility Services, from eligibility intake to denial management. We are the single-best source of specialized expertise and current intelligence on rapidly changing options for reimbursement of at-risk dollars.

Our experienced and dedicated staff works diligently to alleviate the burden of third-party self-pay reimbursement for your facility. Utilizing internally developed processes identified as industry best practices, RCA effectively minimizes variables that could extend the application and certification process. These include rigorous follow-up procedures and custom reporting functions; we can report with confidence an average certification rate of 91% for accounts deemed eligible for program reimbursement.

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Hospital Revenue Cycle

For nearly 20 years RCA has been providing partnering clients with Third-Party Eligibility Services. Our multi lingual staff is highly trained and has extensive knowledge that will help you're self pay uninsured patients receive the maximum amount of benefits by qualifying them for all eligible assistance programs and personally assisting and following up with them through the process.

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We have been highly successful running our Third-Party Eligibility screening process behind a facility's existing vendor or in house staff to help minimize the risk of lost revenue.


Our efficient process behind our Third-Party Liability Services (Lien Filing) eliminates delays and the risk of missed settlement. RCA files liens immediately following liability determination and vigorously monitors the account until payment is received allowing for your organization to receive proper compensation in a timely manner.

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With our extensive Medicaid knowledge and efficient processes, RCA is able to seamlessly manage Out-of-State Billing and Enrollment for all 50 states. Our capabilities allow us to appeal any claims that have been denied resulting in a risk free service that maximizes your bottom line.

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FINANCIAL COUNSELING (Point of Service) Close

RCA's Financial Counseling Services relieves pressure off your busy hospital staff by providing a point of service collection before your patients are discharged. Our highly trained and driven staff uses a successful collection strategy that allows us to effectively improve your bottom line while remaining sensitive to your patients and their needs.

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As the uninsured population grows and Medicaid eligibility programs become more complex, capturing your entitled Medicaid dollars has become more difficult. RCA's proprietary batch filing system, ProfitPal™, was designed to quickly search for any and all missed coverage. Since you only pay on accounts when you receive a payment, it is a cost-effective way to never miss another Medicaid dollar.

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Truly relationship-driven, RCA offers many more services that shorten AR days and aid in the success of converting at-risk dollars to revenue. From custom reporting to transportation services, these benefits assist every point of the revenue cycle at little to no cost:

  • Translation services
  • Transportation services
  • Home/ Field Visits
  • Custom Reporting
  • Skip Tracing
  • Auto Dialer
  • Charity Application Assistance
  • Pre-Admit Screening
SSI - Social Security Income Eligibility & Follow-up Services Close

RCA understands that in order for a patient to be certified for Social Security Income benefits, they must endure a lengthy and complicated application process. We take the burden of SSI follow-through off of ill patients and hospital personnel and ensure that both parties receive the medical coverage and reimbursement they need. RCA monitors the process to ensure that all documents are submitted and all appointments are kept.

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CMS approved ACA Certified Application Counselors (CAC) Close

RCA is proud to confirm our status as a Certified Application Counselor Organization as designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Our staff is currently undergoing training to become Certified Application Counselors, and this will enable RCA to better assist unfunded patients with enrolling in the health care Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As with our other assistance programs, we will walk our patients through every step of the process, ensuring they not only understand but benefit from signing up for health insurance.